27 January, 2011

"The Fighter:" - the life of "Irish" Mickey Ward:

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"I hope the film wins 
an Oscar because
Mickey is such
a great man"
 - former WBA Featherweight 
World Champion: 

"Irish" Mickey Ward v Arturo Gatti
                I watched seven time Oscar ® nominated (including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Christian Bale) film "The Fighter" last night. It's a gripping and gritty story, though the fight scenes leave something to be desired and are rather unrealistic. For me, Christian Bale is the star of the show and he delivers a mesmerising performance as Dicky Eklund; "Irish" Mickey Ward's crack addict half-brother. It's a touching story of two working-class boys' ups and downs and for Mickey to come back at the age of 35 (having lost 11 fights) to win a World Title, is a real rags to riches fairytale. I think at one hour 51 minutes, the film is a bit too short and the characters could do with being developped a little more. It is a story which is complex and most engaging and I feel the film makers have not delved into it quite deeply enough. I would certainly not have complained if the film had been two hours 15 minutes or 2:30. Overall I'd give the film a solid six out of 10 - though, for me, Christian Bale is the star of the show and his performance is definitely of Oscar® quality.
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