27 January, 2011

You tell 'em Olly:

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"What the fudge?" - Blackpool fined for playing a 'weakened' team
            Legendary Blackpool manager Ian Holloway lets rip at reporters after journalists revealed that the Premier League were considering fining Blackpool £25,000 for selecting a "weakened team." Good man 'Olly - don't lie down for anyone mate. Here's hoping Blackpool stay in the Premier League this season - it would be a true fairytale if they do.
Olly isn't smiling today
Blackpool are by some distance the least financially solvent club to ever play in the FA Premier League. Ian Holloways has said he would resign if the club got fined for him selecting a 'weakened' team (in a 2-3 defeat against Aston Villa in Novemeber), but he has softened his stance in the mean time. It's a farce that the Football Association (FA) can dictate to managers what players they can or cannot pick. Football managers live or die based on their decisions and for the FA to be allowed to dictate who a manager can or cannot pick is absurd. Also, each Premier League club has a squad of 25 players, so how the FA can decide which players 'should' play over other players is nonsensical. Ian Holloway made 10 changes to his starting line-up for that match against Villa, because of the fact that his side was facing four matches in 11 days, which is simply too much for 11 players to be expected to face at Premier League level. One thing for certain is that Ian won't react well to the news of today's fine by the FA - and he's dead right too.

This clip is 5 minutes long but well worth a listen:

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