06 January, 2011


Keane (above) should never work in football again
Roy Keane is no longer Ipswich Town manager having been sacked by chairman Marcus Evans. No-one can argue that Keane didn't get more than a fair chance, but 10 defeats in 14 games would make any manager's position untenable. The fact that Keane did not get the sack months ago was an error by Marcus Evans. Of course the fact that Evans did not want to have to make a big payout on a contract that now has only five months to run was also a factor in Evans' decision. Last season, Keane led the club to their worst start in 40 years with no wins in their  first 14 games. If Keane had any dignity, he would have stepped down as manager months ago, but of course Roy Keane and "dignity" should never appear in the same sentence. Maybe Keane will now realise that he is simply NOT a football manager. His apporoach of mindless agression, petty grievances and jumping ship whenever anything goes slightly wrong, simply does not work, as has been shown time and time again.
Former Ireland international Chris Hughton (pictured right) now looks set to take over from Keane. And what a sea change that would be for Ipswich players: to go from an ignoramus like Keane to the perfectly pleasant, decent, intelligent individual that is Chris Hughton.

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